Toddler Program

(18 months-33 months) For most children, this is the first step toward separation and a classroom environment. Our staff is very understanding and nurturing and make every effort to make your child feel safe and comfortable, be it an extra hug or two, being held, or just a gentle pat for reassurance. Our daily routine offers comfort because children learn what to expect next. Children will learn social skills, and language skills as we encourage the use of words to express their needs. Curriculum includes learning numbers, letters, colors, and shapes, as well as monthly themes. Music, story time, free play, hands on arts and crafts, as well as outdoor activity are incorporated into our daily routine.

Preschool Program

(3 year olds) Our preschool program works on developing thinking skills, promoting independence, early literacy, and math skills. Our program has a structured curriculum where children are exposed to numbers, letters, shapes, and colors through developmentally appropriate practices. Our preschool program includes daily story time and conversation to promote language skills. Gross motor skills are developed through active play. Our variety of learning centers give children the opportunity to create, explore, and develop their self-confidence. We follow monthly themes, and incorporate daily outdoor play.

Pre-K Program

(4/5 year olds preparing for Kindergarten) Our Pre-K program is headed by an educator who has earned her Master’s Degree in Childhood Education. Our program’s curriculum has a strong emphasis on cognitive learning. It incorporates NYS-Early Learning Guidelines as well as Common Core Pre-K curriculum. This is a developmental progression approach for each child to develop at his/her own pace in the various domains. Common Core the program is designed to build upon what children have already learned. The various domains include language skills, pre-reading skills, comprehension, listening skills, as well as early algebraic strands.   Science and Social Studies domains are taught within our monthly themes. The Pre-K classroom encompasses fun and learning in one setting. Making choices and interacting in a safe and nurturing environment encourages children to learn through experience. This creates greater self-confidence and with that children participate more, challenge themselves, and develop a love of learning.