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  • I needed to say THANK YOU for the wonderful time I had yesterday at the Mothers Day Tea!
    It was such a joy to see how hard all the kids and teachers worked to make this occasion so special to all of us mothers! From the songs, to fun picture frame craft, the food and most of all the special memory you made for me and my kids! It was such a fun time!

    The staff at OPA is amazing and I can't begin to tell you how happy that the xxxxxx family is apart of this school. You all work so hard to make learning fun and take the time to teach our children.

    Thank you again for yesterday and for all you do!

    Happy Mothers Day to all and enjoy your weekend.

  • How lovely your program is
    I was in on 2/2/18 to visit with one of our SEITs, L*** N***** and her student L***. I just wanted to drop you a note stating how lovely your program is and how nice the teachers seem to work collaboratively with Lila and each other. The students, of course, are adorable and the high engagement and inclusion was a joy to see. Your staff seem to have such a smooth run of the schedule and maximized learning experiences for these youngsters. A true pleasure to see.

  • Our Precious Angels make the Garden City News 06/24/16
    Our Precious Angels readers raise money for Heifer International.

    Read the full article here:

    Our Precious Angels make the  Garden City News 06/24/16
  • Letter of Appreciation
    A letter of Thanks to everyone at Our Precious Angles:

    This morning was the last time I would be signing in my daughters, XXXXX and XXXXX Jimenez over in your care. Today would be last time, I would frantically leave my kids, with a brief hug and kiss, telling them to listen to Ms. Maria and Ms. Anna and to make sure to stay in the Green all day!

    After I had XXXX, my first child, I had to return to work full time, when she was only 3 months old. I was extremely fortunate in finding a Nanny that took good care of her, until she was ready to enroll in day care. I felt that if I was not able to care for my child like any mother should, the least I could do was offer her a place that would educate her and take care of her all at the same time. So… I did my research, checked schools in the area, met with people, read comments, and I fumbled upon your organization.

    We did the tour with Ms. Angela, and Ms. Maria. It was the first time, as a new parent, that I was entering a place that had tiny little chairs, colorful, educating posters and a feeling of love that I just felt would be the best place for my little girl. We talked, I asked all the nervous textbook questions any new parent would ask, and Ms. Angela said to me, dead in the eye, “We do not advertise this school Ms. Jimenez, we fill these class rooms with just word of mouth, when your daughter leaves this program, and enters Kindergarten, she will be at the top of her class.” At that moment, I thought to myself, well that was a great sales pitch. I must admit I didn’t believe it at first because who could think that far ahead. XXXX was only 18 months. She was still in diapers. After thinking about it over and over again, we decided to enroll her. I would have to say, mornings for the first year and half, were pure torture. XXXX cried, I cried, and Ms. Maria, would say, “don’t worry Mom, she’ll be fine.” Ms. Angela would say, “don’t worry Mom, XXXX stops the minute you leave.” But those mornings were worth it… XXXX was talking more, playing more, thinking more. She was becoming self-sufficient right before my eyes wanting to do everything and anything she could on her own. XXXX eased my conscious when I decided to enroll her little sister XXXX at 18 months. XXXX, never cried, she let go of my hand and ran into Ms. Maria’s arms from day one. XXXX learned her colors, her numbers, her alphabets, she’s potty trained, eats on her own, dresses herself, thinks freely, colors, draws, sings and is only 2 years old. People tell me I have raised two “genius” kids, but I tell them, I didn’t do anything… Our Precious Angels did.

    XXXX graduates Pre-K today. She will be entering kindergarten in September at Meadow Elementary School in Baldwin. During her time in Ms. Maria’s class, she was introduced to the foundational fundamentals of her educational life. Ms. Angela brought everything to life. Teaching her obedience, paying attention, self control new music, dances and reading books upon books… and Ms. Anna, sealed the deal, pushing the limits, raising the bar and it was all confirmed after XXXX kindergarten interview.

    I took XXXX to Meadow school for her evaluation and as nervous as I was, XXXX pulled the “mommy don’t leave me” thing… like always. The teachers and evaluators allowed me in the evaluation room with her.

    They asked me to sit on the side, and began questioning her. They asked her to tell them what shapes she saw, she nailed every single one, including Rhombus. Rhombus? They asked her colors, they asked her “what ifs”, they asked her to describe a picture, they asked her to place things in a basket, they asked her memory questions. They asked her to write numbers, to write letters, to write her name. When she wrote her first and last name, the evaluator looked at the other 5 people in the room… She nailed every single thing. I asked them, “so what do you suggest I review with her this summer?” they responded, “just let her have fun, read books to her so she learns some site words.” I said “Learns site words? She reads them to me!” Every single person, licensed educators, therapists all stopped looked up and said “What, she knows site words?” I said “Of course… isn’t she supposed to know site words when she enters kindergarten?” and they said, “Well it’s always great but its not expected.” Then they questioned her site words, because why would anyone believe this is true? She nailed them! Spelling them, defining them, rhyming the words (with some words that didn’t exist, but it was perfect). I see them all writing frantically on paper, circling words, looking at her, looking at each other, underlining things… and at that moment, that precise moment, all those times I felt that I was such a bad parent for leaving my baby in a school from 730am-6pm so we can afford living, and giving her an education…All those times, I cried on my way to work because I had to leave her, all those times I picked XXXX and XXXX up and they were the last kids in those little chairs watching a show… I sat there, leaned back in my chair, and said… “Ms. Angela was 100 percent right.”

    The teacher walked us out of the evaluation room and said to me, Mrs. Jimenez, your child is entering with the highest level of education into this years kindergarten class so far. I turned to her and said… “I took her to Our Precious Angles in Garden City since she was 18 months old. I moved from Franklin Square 2 years ago, and still drove her and her little sister every morning, and everything I went through, was all worth it.”

    So, Thank you to everyone who took part in the lives of my XXXX and XXXX. Thank you for your patience, your skills, and most importantly the unconditional love that you manage to bring and fill those classrooms with every single day. You all will never know how important you are to this world. You all will never know, the positive impact, the footprint you have made in the lives of this community. You have the hardest jobs, you have the biggest hearts and the gratitude that I have for everything you have done for my children will never be forgotten.

    You have become a part of the Jimenez Family and have given my children the ability to have head start in the most important part of their lives…Their Education.

    With undying admiration, respect and appreciation,

    The Jimenez Family
    June 22, 2016

  • Testimonial from Web Form
    Very good pre-school program. My son loves it so much and we are truly satisfied with the staff and teachers.

  • Love them! My son went there for 2 years. He loved it and so did I. The staff were all great. My little guy will be going in September.

  • My son started when he was 2 and I never once worried about him thru out the day. He made the kindergarten cut off at 4 I was worried about his age but credit OPA for having him ready to go! At 7 years old he still asks to go visit his old school.

  • Both my kids when there and they are now in 8th and 9th grade. Loved it!!!! Especially Ms Angela.

  • My son went there. When he was 3 and 4. Never had a problem and he did great there. Learned a lot and they were good to him.

  • Yes. It's great. I have know Ms. Angela for over 25 years. She is an angel, the kids adore her and the others that work there.

  • Excellent school.

  • My son went there. I loved them!

  • I would recommend them, highly.

  • Both my kids went there, loved it, kids loved it. Kids are now in 11 and 8th grade. They truly care about the kids.

  • My kids currently go there, i am extremely happy with them

  • They're WONDERFUL! My son went there from 2-5 (before kindergarten) The teachers are warm, caring fabulous individuals, the facilities are clean, and my son loved going there every day!

  • GREAT SCHOOL!!!!! My daughter has been there full time since 18 months and is currently in their Pre-K. So sad she's leaving soon. Fabulous teachers! Great staff! Wonderful education! Love it!!!!

  • My son went there for 2 and a half years! Absolutely love it and highly recommend it! When he started kindergarten he was ahead because they taught him so well!!! Cannot say enough about OPA!!!!

  • Great school my son graduated last June. And he went for their summer camp. (It was cheaper than my babysitter at $10hr. + I supplied the food) OPA includes 2 meals and 3 snacks. I took advantage of the long hours to run errands. Save our receipts for tax deduction for child care credit they don't give year end totals.

  • Love Our Precious Angels. It is not religious. They just rent the space from the church. My daughters went there and now my boys are in the Pre-K class. They stated when they were 18 months old. It s the best money I have ever spent. Peace of mind that your children are cared for, nurtured, and loved is priceless. I highly recommend them.